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Intel Core I7 Cpu Games Fujitsu Celsius W420 Pc 8gb Ram 256gb Ssd Hdd 250gb W10

Intel Core I7 Cpu Games Fujitsu Celsius W420 Pc 8gb Ram 256gb Ssd Hdd 250gb W10

Intel Core I7 Cpu Games Fujitsu Celsius W420 Pc 8gb Ram 256gb Ssd Hdd 250gb W10    Intel Core I7 Cpu Games Fujitsu Celsius W420 Pc 8gb Ram 256gb Ssd Hdd 250gb W10

Intel core i7 cpu games Fujitsu Celsius W420 pc 8gb ram 256gb ssd 250gb hdd w10. This product page has been automatically translated.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. The series hp z offers more performance, scalability and reliability without compromise. Tower Workstations Dell Precision rack and offering the best performance and scalability, certified for professional use. The thinkstation Lenovo workstations offer the performance and reliability you need to do the job. The Fujitsu Celsius workstations are very silent advanced computers for business applications. The winner of price / performance. For the ultimate gaming experience - enjoy a particularly intense PC gaming experience. You can choose from extremely powerful desktop computers with high-end components. If you want a computer office / office that will not let you down, you're in the right place. The performance of the workstation, excellent quality and extreme performance.

Mobile workstations incredibly powerful design premium for optimal combination of attractiveness and performance. Panasonic laptops offer maximum durability and reliability. The Lenovo ThinkPad notebook offers performance, performance and mobility.

The Fujitsu lifebook series is a series of feature-rich notebook with excellent performance. Replacing perfect for a desktop computer. Boost your business performance with a server that fully meets your needs.

Maximize your productivity - we have the right monitor for you. Nvidia (geforce, quadro GTX nvs) amd / ati (firepro, firegl, radeon). Hard Drives (HDD / SSD). Sata, sas, scsi, m2, pci.

DDR3 / DDR4 (udimm, ecc, reg). Cooler and fan (heat sink and fan). HP, Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, others.

Raid controllers, network cards, motherboards .. manufacturer and supplier of wood heating systems, solar thermal systems, heat pumps and innovative storage systems. The ultimate in precision - power floating point with a record and double precision. Here you will find various graphics cards for applications such as gaming, ie, graphic design, 3D modeling, etc.

High-end processors for computer performance and professional graphics at affordable prices. Fujitsu Celsius W420 gaming PC, Intel Core i7-2600, 8GB ramssd 250 gohdd amd firepro V4900, windows 10. 1x Sockel LGA1155, DDR3 RAM.

Number of Processors: 1 cpu socket: LGA1155 DIMM slots: 4 max. RAM: 32 GB DDR3 power: 300 w: drive dvd ports USB: USB 2.0, USB 3.0 form factor: tower 419 x 175 x 395 mm condition: unused.

Intel Core i7-2600 4x 3.4 GHz. Sockel LGA1155, hiding 8 mo nt 95w.

Processor Base Frequency: 3.4 GHz max. Clock frequency turbo 3.8 GHz Number of cores: 4 number of son: 8 cache: 8MB SmartCache socket cpu: LGA1155 maximum nt: 95 w integrated graphics processor: Intel HD Graphics 2000 condition: unused.

8 GB of RAM ddr3. Amd firepro V4900, 1GB, gddr5.

Graphics memory 1024 mo gddr5, 128 bits. Stream processors: 480 connections: 1x DVI-I, 2x DisplayPort max.

SSD 256 GB SATA 2.5. Disk SATA HDD 250 go 3.5. Microsoft windows 10 pro 64 bit.

Note: The operating system is preinstalled for a configuration with a hard drive. This system can be a oem windows 7 license upgrade. You will receive an invoice with VAT from us. If you are a client company outside Germany, please indicate your valid VAT number so that we can issue the invoice without VAT. Please note that all computer and server will be configured for you upon receipt of payment. Depending on the order volume, time of approx. 1-2 business days for shipping. Unless otherwise indicated, the used items are tested units in perfect technical condition (1 year warranty to end users). Signs of wear can not be excluded with these items despite our best efforts. For more products and configurations, visit our workstation4u shop. Solarbayer is a manufacturer and supplier of heating systems, Wood of thermal solar systems, heat pumps and innovative storage systems. With our own design department, development and IT, we have acquired over many years expertise and extensive merits in the field of computer hardware. So we have experience in the areas of CAD engineering, fluid simulation / energy and radiation as well as the calculation of geodata. We use the latest computer hardware business class to master these demanding tasks. In order to keep costs within limits, we recognized early on that the remanufactured equipment and individually assembled met these requirements globally. From this position, we can help you find and configure the ideal material for you.

That's why we decided some years ago to create a second business with the sale of work and professional waiters stations to give you the opportunity to buy high-performance equipment at affordable prices. We stock more than thousands of workstations, desktop computers, servers and different laptops to handle even larger IT projects.

With the acquisition and sale of remanufactured hardware, we also bring a significant contribution to the protection of our environmental resources. The field of activity workstation4u complete and ideally our principal area of ​​activity of renewable energy. Return fees in case of cancellation.

The buyer bears the costs of direct return of goods, according to the following tables. The return fees apply if the goods we returned by a freight forwarder / parcel service we contracted. International Return costs are available on request. Cost of return in Germany. Price in EUR / package. Pack up to 30 kg with max. 60 x 60 x 120 cm. Packaging up to 30 kg> 60 x 60 x 120 cm. Small palette (collection by our shipping company). Right pane (not currently used).

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 12:00 and 13: 30 am to 17 pm Saturday: closed Sunday: closed. Layout developed by solarbayer gmbh. The item \\ desktop pc \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.

  1. should to4: computer games for beginners <\/ li>
  2. edition of the operating system: Professional <\/ li>
  3. Article modified: not <\/ li>
  4. Model: W420 <\/ li>
  5. Processor speed: 3, increase 80GHz <\/ li>
  6. hard disk capacity: 250 Go <\/ li>
  7. should for2: Technical encode <\/ li>
  8. should for3: business <\/ li>
  9. should for1: occasional computer work <\/ li>
  10. pour6 appropriate: office <\/ li>
  11. Operating system: Windows 10 pro <\/ li>
  12. should For5: graphic design <\/ li>
  13. type HDD: SSD + HDD <\/ li>
  14. Type: desktop pc games <\/ li>
  15. Memory size: 8GB <\/ li>
  16. Processor: i7-2600 <\/ li>
  17. Connectivity: DisplayPort <\/ li>
  18. form factor: Tower <\/ li>
  19. GPU: dedicated graphics <\/ li>
  20. SSD hard drive capacity: 256gb <\/ li>
  21. suitable for: video section <\/ li>
  22. series: celsius <\/ li>
  23. Brand: Fujitsu <\/ li>
  24. processor type: intel core i7 <\/ li>
  25. ean: not applicable <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Intel Core I7 Cpu Games Fujitsu Celsius W420 Pc 8gb Ram 256gb Ssd Hdd 250gb W10    Intel Core I7 Cpu Games Fujitsu Celsius W420 Pc 8gb Ram 256gb Ssd Hdd 250gb W10